Our Horses


Clyde is predominantly Percheron, a French breed known for its strength and gentleness. His silver coat is underlain with rocking-horse dapples.

In former times, teams of Percheron horses were used to bring the fish from the French coast to Paris and there is a Fish run re-enactment held from Boulogne every other
year in the autumn.


Tony Golding – www.heavyhorsephotography.co.uk

Ottawa is pure-bred Comtois, another French breed, and one of the oldest breeds of French heavy horse, rarely seen in this country. The Comtois is routinely used for logging in its native region, Franche-Comté. His flaxen mane and tail are in stunning contrast to his bright chestnut coat.

Again, his strength is phenomenal but he has a wonderfully placid temperament. He's also an award winning horse; Ottowa won Best In Show in 2008 at the Working Horse Trust’s Annual Show! Photograph courtesy of Tony Golding – www.heavyhorsephotography.co.uk


Ottawa's son, Saturne, is devoted to his Dad and, apart from working on his own, works beautifully as a pair with either Ottawa or Clyde in our 12-seater wagonette.

He has been shown in hand several times and, at the 2009 Chertsey Show, he won the European Breeds Class - beating Ottawa on that occasion. He is a very sweet-natured horse.